THE KING Elvis Presley Experience – TKB

Matteo Marinelli

Matteo studied music from the age of nine years, specializing in the study of the bass, now continues his studies with artists of international fame such as Massimo Moriconi. Attended seminars with Italian and international artists. Since he was ten years old performs in live situations. Matteo played on prestigious stages such as ``Velvet``, ``BreakLive``, ``San Severino Blues``, ``Auditorium Parco della Musica``. He is currently a professional teacher for the study of the bass.

Nicola Pierucci

Nicola Pierucci, drummer and professional teacher. Graduated in drums at the University of Music in Rome and graduated in jazz drums at the Conservatory of Music Santa Cecilia in Rome, Nicola has studied with famous teachers such as Alessandro Svampa, Lele Melotti, Lele Veronesi, Roberto Gatto. He works as a musician in live shows with cover bands and orchestras. Register and arranges drums in songs for songwriters and bands, audio tracks, jingles and commercials Over the years imparts drum lessons. In 2005 he opened his own structure, the Groovyland, a music school and recording studio in Macerata. He wrote two methods of rhythmic solfeggio.

Bernardo Scocco

He begins studying at age 6. During the studies he attended various certificates, and after a few years founded his first band, ``the Soap``, with metal and hard rock influences. He currently plays in three band and works constantly on unreleased songs.

Giacomo Piccinini

Piano & keyboards
Piano student since 2008 at the Lizard Academy in Fiesole, Giacomo is a teacher for the SPM Lizard. he took part to many seminars and specific classes. He performed in hundreds of concerts across Italy playing with cover and original music bands. Currently Giacomo works as a piano and keyboards teacher at the Lizard Academies; he works also as an arranger.

Jerry Calzolari

Saxophone player, Jerry is a true rock'n'roller, he has been listening and playing this kind of music forever. During the years he played various live and tv show with several bands.

Ilenia Ciarrocchi, Anna Laura Alvear Calderon, Oumy N'Diaye

The Sweet Sweet Inspirations
Coming from different musical experiences, the passion for Elvis and choral singing have brought Anna Laura, Oumy and Ilenia together until they become the official backing singers of TKB.